That Thing Where You Can’t Find That One Recipe

This cookbook I wrote is dropping in e-book format on June 30, which I am ridiculously thrilled about. E-cookbooks aren’t new, but they never stop being super-cool. My iPad is so great in the kitchen, plus all the features like shopping list, nutritional analysis, etc. Electronic cookbooks are 100% okay with me.

My problem is that even without a big collection of e-cookbooks, I already have trouble remembering where a particular recipe resides. Is it in a hard copy book? A virtual book? On Epicurious? On my computer?
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Eat Your Books, an online index of cookbooks, blogs and culinary magazines, is a new-ish tool to solve the great recipe hunt problem. Once you “build” a bookshelf of your existing books, magazines, online saved recipes and blogs, it turns them into one big searchable database. You can search by title, ingredient, or probably other ways I haven’t tried. 

Some cooks use it to search by ingredient, which is especially useful people with CSAs. (Also good if you shop your store’s weekly specials but aren’t sure what to make with what you buy.) Others use it to find a long-lost favorite. Some use it for bookmarking online recipes.

Here’s a thread on Chowhound from some true believers in Eat Your Books describing exactly why they love it and how they use it. The general consensus is that the service has boosted their use of their cookbook libraries tremendously.

The free version has a smaller range of recipes and functions, or a subscription version with unlimited everything, so every recipe you own is always at your fingertips.



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  1. I’m tickled for you, Nick I, and just as tickled for us. Thank you for building community and sharing wherever you go. You may be a Venn Diagram of one, but you tease the special right out of the rest of us! Thank you for the Eat Your Books tip, as well. Looking forward to doing my homework.

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